Back-country skiing in Norway with local guides

Local back-country skiing guides are ready to show you the majestic Norwegian nature! Situated all over Norway, you can find them all on

More bang for the buck, guides at affordable rates!

By using the Biaton platform you get a quick overview of all the possibilities. Within few minutes you can find, plan and book unique trips. Avoid walking around on the tourist routes, let the local guides show you the hidden gems and the true beauty of the Norwegian nature. These guides are not doing it only for the money, the love spending time in the mountains and are therefore more affordable than most guides.

Furthermore, we don’t only have mountaineering guides, we also have hunting guides, ski instructors, coaches etc.


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Everyone on the platform has education and training, but most importantly the local knowledge. They live in the area, they record the weather and are therefore in the possession of crucial information that allows them to make solid assessments of the risks connected to back-country skiing. Several are avalanche instructors and can also offer courses. The guides are experienced and ascends between 70 and 100 peaks a year.


Skiing with a view: Norway!

Do you want to visit one of the world famous locations for back-country skiing in Norway? There are not many places you can go skiing with a view like this.

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