Exclusive hunting adventures in Norway

Norway is one of the most wonderful places in the world for hunters. Wild and untouched nature with an incredible wildlife. Biaton is Norway’s largest site for hunting outfitter/hunting guides. We cover all different types of hunting, and we can offer guided hunting in private terrain you can’t find anywhere else, as well as public hunting terrains more accessible for all hunters. So, whether you want the forest for yourself with a local guide, or hunt in open terrains, we can help you. Feel free to contact us and we can help you arrange some of your best hunting experiences!






Contact us through our customer chat and we will help you find a suitable hunting trip.
You can also email us at kunderservice@biaton.com


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Back-country skiing in Norway with local guides

Local back-country skiing guides are ready to show you the majestic Norwegian nature! Situated all over Norway, you can find them all on Biaton.no

More bang for the buck, guides at affordable rates!

By using the Biaton platform you get a quick overview of all the possibilities. Within few minutes you can find, plan and book unique trips. Avoid walking around on the tourist routes, let the local guides show you the hidden gems and the true beauty of the Norwegian nature. These guides are not doing it only for the money, the love spending time in the mountains and are therefore more affordable than most guides.

Furthermore, we don’t only have mountaineering guides, we also have hunting guides, ski instructors, coaches etc.


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Biaton, the ultimate service for new and established hunters?

written by Mats Thorsvik for jegeravisen.no

Most of us have started on blank sheets like most new hunters, with new shotgun or rifle, just got their hunting test certificate and thought, what now? We Jegeravisen collaborate with Biaton, aiming to make hunting in Norway more accessible to all. Register as a hunting guide to Biaton here, and help share your knowledge about hunting.

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