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Personal trainer (PT)
A personal trainer (PT) guides and facilitates training and offers close and individual follow-up. Personal trainers help people on all levels to create and complete an exercise program.
A personal trainer motivates and inspires others to reach their activity- and health goals. By using a personal trainer, one can achieve results much faster. Through a more efficient training, you will get a faster result. The results can easily be measured through fitness tests, strength tests, body composition.
More knowledge
A Personal Trainer possesses knowledge that you, as a client, can use as much as you want. If you ask questions, your Personal Trainer will answer most exercise-related questions you might have. You will benefit a lot from the new knowledge when you exercise on your own. One could say that you get a fitness education for free when you exercise with a Personal Trainer.
Safer exercise
One of the most important tasks a Personal Trainer has is to correct the execution of each exercise to reduce the risk of injuries. Short-term, it's rarely a bigger risk if your execution of an exercise is a bit off, but if you continue exercising incorrectly, there is a big risk that you end up having trouble with joints, muscles, tendons, etc. which might end up being under too much pressure.