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Do you want to go deep-sea fishing in the arctic oceans outside Tromsø? Then "BigFisher II" and the experienced skipper Morten is the perfect match for you and your group. BigFisher II is spacious and well suited for long fishing trips! Group price: 16 000 NOK (The price includes food, fishing equipment, life vests and of course the boat + skipper) Max group size: 4 people. 10 hours on the sea The cod fishery has very long traditions in Northern Norway, and has been back to the Stone Age as an important food source for the people who lived here in the north Tromsø, which is almost 70 degrees north, would normally have a cold climate with ice-fjords large parts of the year, but fortunately it is not. The Gulf Stream brings temperate water all the way from the Gulf of Mexico and up along the Norwegian coast, and in winter time the ocean temperature is mostly above 4 degrees Celsius. Here on the threshold of the Arctic Ocean, which extends right up to the North Pole, there are very good breeding areas for different species of fish, and for centuries the cod has been the most important food source and source of income for locals. Organized fishing and export of cod dates back to the Viking era before the year 1000 here in the north. Dried cod - dried fish - was an important export article. Outside Tromsø there are rich fishing banks where the winter cod coming from the Barents Sea to spawn, resides from late December to mid April each year. Otherwise throughout the year there are rich deposits of coastal cod that provide the basis for an exciting sport fishing. Along the Norwegian coast there is open water all year - only in some fjord areas where freshwater flows from the rivers, it can freeze during periods of winter. This gives unique opportunities for deep-sea fishing for a large part of the year, and in this environment the largest cod and shrimp are the best. It is not uncommon for catches of large fishes between 15 and 30 kilograms in this area, and the largest taken on board M / V 'BigFisher' was 37 kilos. Arctic Safari can bring you and your fishing companions on the most exclusive looking for cod and skrei with local guide provided. We can guarantee exciting tours in a unique and magnificent North Norwegian nature. Join on board M / V 'BigFisher II' - our 14.75 meter long Striker helaluminium sports fishing boat. Skipper Morten, who is an experienced angler and localsman with long experience from fishing for cod, halibut and other fish species, will take you to the best places for cod fishing in the area.
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Deep-sea Fishing (Tromsø)

Tromsø, Norway
1 - 5 personer
19840 NOK
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ARCTIC SAFARI arrangerer fjordfisketurer , havfisketurer, photosafari, sightseeing og nordlyscruise i Tromsø- regionen. Vår 14,75 m sportsfiskeyacht M/V BigFisher II ligger i Tromsø indre havn ved Scandic Ishavshotell og er klar for tur. Vi skreddersyr opplegg etter dine ønsker for deg. Pris for fjordfisketur på 3 timer er kr. 1100,- pr. person. Hilsen skipper og guide Morten Willumsen
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