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Evening trip: Our main tour departs Ulvik at 10:00 or 19:00 and returns at 13:00 or 22.00. We will be  deep water fishing. We will be casting in an area known for bountiful and rich fisheries. Species we may enoucnter include: Cod, Commen Ling, Cusk, Flounder, ​Atlantic Wolffish and so on. The trip starts at 10:00 or 19:00 outside the Tourist information in Ulvik in the middle of town. Rental for the equipment is included in the price, So you have nothing to think about when you join us on a trip
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Praktisk informasjon:
All fishingtackle is in included. Check weather before we go out with thoughts of what kind of clothes you should be wearing. I can take a maximum of 3 people with me on a trip.
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Boat fishingtour morning/evening (Ulvik)

Ulvik, Norway
1 - 3 personer
1860 NOK
Om tilbyderen:
Ulvik Fishing was founded by Ronnie Leeninga, who's been fishing since he was 4 years old. The first 17 years he was living in the Netherlands.  When he became 14 years old he joined a fish associatiion In Ede, where he started with fishing competitions. He became the junior champion twice in the 4 years he participated. He also tried to participated for the Dutch Championship twice, but didn't manage to get a place in the finals. ​ After he moved to Norway in 2009 he continued fishing, he had to adapt to the fishing in the deep fjords. He managed this pretty good, and now the local's ask him for fishing tips and tricks. ​ He started working in the tourist industry back in 2012,  both as a nature guide, a receptionist, coworker in the touristinformation both in Voss and Ulvik, and during the winter he works as an skiinstructor at Voss Resort.  ​ We're located at Ulvik, a small villiage in the Hardanger region, which is famous for the apple's, fjords, nature, hikes and the blossom of the fruittree's during the spring.
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