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Do you want to have an amazing experience you'll never forget in fantastic Harstad? My name is Vegard and I'm a free rider who has long experience with hikes in the winter. This summit trip will be an amazing experience for you and your friends/family, and takes place in the mountains in the area around Harstad. This service goes over 3 days and includes two amazing skiing trips based on your skiing (summit) experience guidet in the incredible winter surroundings guided by me. I know the mountains, and have guided here a lot. I have a high focus on safety on my trips. I have completed avalanche course. Nice trip with spectacular views. Suitable for those with a little experience and fitness. Chat with me and we can plan a suitable trip for you and your group. I am well known in the area. Here is an overview of what the program might look like: DAY 1 You will arrive Harstad and get to your hotel/motel etc. where you are going to spend the night. We'll meet to get to know each other and plan the next few days. Day 2 We'll meet up early in Harstad, and I will drive to the starting point. This trip will take around 3 - 4 hours, depends on your skiing experience, the trip, conditions and which trip are possible . We will take breaks when needed and of course eat og drink on the way. I will guide you through the amazing mountains with a fantastic view and amazing conditions, surrounded by the beautiful winter landscape. Day 3 We'll meet in Harstad, and I will drive us up to the starting point. This time the trip might be shorter, but I will still guide you through new fantastic landscape and give you another amazing experience in the mountains. We will have lunsj- and coffee breaks a long the way, and continue the hike in the majestic winter landscape. Do you have any questions about the program, just chat with me.
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Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing. The price is a group price up to 4 people This trip does not include accommodation!
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3 Day Hike in Wonderful Harstad

Harstad, Norway
1 - 5 personer
6200 NOK
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