Hårklipp og skjeggtrim - Oslo Barber - BIATON
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No matter what type of hair & beard you have. We start with a consultation and analyze which style and lengths will best suit your face shape, hair colour, thickness and condition. Including clean up the ears & eyebrows. Detailed edging and groomed with our premium products to keep your hair and beard in shape. Topped off with our head massage. This is an indulgence of luxury and you have the best place to be at your home , office or hotel room. Our barbers will bring all the equipments needed to provide the selected service. All you have to do is, sit back and relax!
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Hårklipp og skjeggtrim - Oslo Barber

Oslo, Norway
Up to 21 people
Up to 2 hours
5000 NOK
About the provider:
Mucos Schwarzzer
Living a professional life is sometimes difficult, and an important part of any profession is your appearance. Getting something as simple as a haircut can be tough when you’re trying to balance work, family, and time for yourself. You know the situation, when you're supposed to meet someone special or getting married or it's your birthday, or ,or just need to look sharp for that important meeting the next day, but you've not got the time to walk to the barbershop or drive to town. Mucos thought something New could be done, and he came up with an concept where people can find and book barbers & hairdressers that come to them, at a time and location of their choices. In our tech savvy culture today, we as consumers want high quality service that's easy to access and fits perfectly with our schedules . We realize that people with busy schedules or time restrictions may have difficulties in both setting and keeping appointments, which is why we come to you. We created On Demand Barbers to help you keep your appearance looking sharp without consuming much of your time. On Demand Barbers is a full mobile barbershop that works for you and comes to you anytime , anywhere in Oslo, Drammen and Akershus area. I would like to welcome you to try and enjoy our new concept.
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