Stormheimfjellet (level 2) Tromsø - BIATON
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Description of the trip: This is a easy top! Start from the side of the road, a 45 min in car from Tromsø. Route is not steep at all, and in the forrest it goes trough a chopped treeline. Above the tree line on the ridge, there can be a bit rocky due to windy conditions and scree. So it's an easy top for those who have little experience on skis, but it is over 6 km, so you must be able to manage that. Avalance danger is low on this top, because the steepest angle is under 30 degrees. Probe, shovel and avalance transponder not necessary. About the guide: Lifelong experience from outdoor activities and skiing. -7 years in boy scout -9 years in a local mountain rescuegroup -2 years as a solider in the norwegian military -Sevral first aid courses -3 Avalance rescue courses -3 general Search and rescue courses -sertified General mountain seafety instructor Courses done trough Norsk Folkehjelp (Norwegian People's Aid)
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Practical information:
Practical information: Group price (up to 5 people): 1500 NOK Level/difficulty: 2 Estimated time for the trip: 5h Meters above sea level: 1181 Climb (meters): 1050 Distance (km): 6,1 Levels: 1=Beginner, 2=easy, 3=moderate, 4=experienced, 5=expert. Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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Stormheimfjellet (level 2) Tromsø

Ramfjordbotn, Norway
Up to 1 man
Up to 5 hours
1500 NOK
About the provider:
Fredrik Munkvold
Erfaring: 7 år i speideren 9 år i Norsk folkehjelp 2 år i forsvaret
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