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The course will be held at the Uranos massif in Jotunheimen. These magnificent mountains provide opportunities for long walks over medium hard skierreng, and are therefore in the midst of a more modest ski slopes. The terrain is often mild, with short steep stretches and a good balance between peak and climbing. The climbing sections are a little technical, but it is advisable to use scarlet iron and icecream under certain conditions. Norwegian: Kurset blir holdt på Uranosmassivet i Jotunheimen. Disse praktfulle fjellene gir muligheter for lange turer over middels vanskelig skiterreng, og er derfor midt i blinken for en mer beskjeden skigåer. Terrenget er ofte mildt, med korte bratte strekninger og en god balanse mellom topptur og klatring. Klatreseksjonene er lite tekniske, men det kan være lurt med stegjern og isøks under visse forhold. Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing. ❗This is how the booking works:❗ ➡ When you have booked a service, the chat between you and the provider opens automatically. ➡ Within the chat function you can plan the details around the booking ➡ You can plan to move/reschedule the booking ➡ Free cancellation for both parts up until 24 hours prior to the service. ➡ We can guarantee safe payment for both parties as long as you use the Biaton system. Pay outside and we can’t help you. ➡ Are you booking a service that runs over a long period of time? Book the desired start date of the service. ➡ Services can be booked up until 80 days ahead.
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Guided avalanche course/mountain touring

Tyinkrysset, Norway
Up to 6 people
Up to 12 hours
1500 NOK
About the provider:
James Ian Simpson
James er godkjent Norsk Fjellsportforum som klatreinstruktør, (høyfjell), breinstruktør og skredinstruktør. Dette vil si at han er kvalifisert til å instruere og guide på alle norske fjell på både sommer- og vinterstid.
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