Skitouring 1day-experience - Tromsø - BIATON
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ALWAYS BEEN DREAMING OF SKITOURING BETWEEN BIG MOUNTAINS AND CRYSTAL BLUE FJORDS?! PLACE Depending on the current weather and snowpack conditions, and your preferences we can go to the following places: Senja Lofoten Lyngen Alps Tromsø SKI LEVEL The environment and mountains we live in makes this trip accesible to complete beginners who have never been tourskiing or freeriding & advanced backcountry skiers, since we have a huge range of mountains to choose from within an Ok driving distance. WHEN The best skitouring conditions starts when the polar nights are over and we have sun and daylight again, from mid February to the middle of May due to our position above the polar circle. (Sometimes its even still amazing skiing in June over here on the higher mountains!) Chat with us and we can plan your dream trip! :) Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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Skitouring 1day-experience - Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway
Up to 6 people
Up to 10 hours
1500 NOK
About the provider:
True North Adventures
Outdoor and adventure company based in Tromsø, north Norway. We specialize in: * Skitouring * Seakayak * Snowshoehiking * Glacierhikes * Climbing * Ski and outdoor photography
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