Ski touring in the majestic mountains of Leikanger, Sogn&Fjordane - BIATON
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My name is Are Wergeland, with a main interest in skiing and mountaineering i average about 80 trips a year on skiis. I am studying outdoor education, and I work in the local sport shop. I am well known in the area and I can take you and your group on some amazing locations. Want to shred some sick powderpillows and some really nice faces I am your man! :D Chat with me and we can plan your trip! Im looking forward to hearing from you! :)
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Practical information:
Practical information: Price: Group price 1000 NOK (groups can be up to 5 people) Level/difficulty: 2-4 (1=Beginner, 2=easy, 3=moderate, 4=experienced, 5=expert) Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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Ski touring in the majestic mountains of Leikanger, Sogn&Fjordane

Sogndal, Norway
Up to 5 people
Up to 5 hours
1000 NOK
About the provider:
Are Wergeland
Back-country skiing norway
beste toppturer norge
ski touring norway
topptur sogndal
powder skiing
sogn og fjordane skiing