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This is a form of outdoor exercise that mixes traditional exercise activities with different forms of interval and strength training. There are many different variations and types of Bootcamp. The thing that characterizes each and every one of them is that the participants are pushed beyond their limits. That's why this type of exercise is often compared with military Bootcamps.
During one session with this form of exercise, you will probably complete more sprints, lots of pushups, jumps, and interval training with few breaks. This form of exercise has gotten more popular over the last few years. This increase in popularity can have several causes, but some of those causes might be that they are easy to organize, it is low-budget training (requires little equipment), it is efficient and challenging.
Bootcamps lead to quick progress, and support and motivation from the participants in the group make it an excellent form of exercise. If you want to participate in bootcamps, you have come to the right place. If you wish to offer bootcamp and make money on outdoor training, you can put your services under the category "Bootcamp".