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Discover the true beauty of the wilderness with our Wilderness and Fishing Course! Led by experienced outdoorsman, Roger, this course provides an immersive experience that teaches you the essential skills of outdoor living. You will learn to set up a camp, build a fire, use a map and compass, and most importantly, how to catch and smoke fresh fish from the rivers of Telemark. Roger has spent over three decades mastering the art of fishing and exploring the great outdoors, and he's eager to share his knowledge with you. With small groups of two, you'll have the chance to ask questions and learn in a personalized setting. The stunning nature of Telemark provides the perfect backdrop for your adventure, as you learn about the diverse ecosystem and wildlife of the region. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the wilderness, and gain the skills and confidence to explore the great outdoors on your own. Contact us today to book your spot on our Wilderness and Fishing Course!
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-2 days -2 people -Let me know what type of equipment you have so we can plan the trip During the course, you will learn essential survival skills, such as camping outside and making a fire using natural materials. Additionally, you will learn to use a map and compass to navigate through the beautiful natural surroundings of Telemark. Freshwater fishing is a key focus of this course, and you will learn how to catch fish and smoke them for a delicious outdoor meal. The stunning nature of Telemark offers a unique backdrop for your fishing experience, and you will learn about the diverse ecosystem of the region.
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Wilderness and Fishing Course (Telemark/2pers/2days)

Vest Telemark
1 - 2 personer
4960 NOK
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