Summer fishing in the mountains (Jokkmokk/5 days/2 people) - BIATON
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This is located in a beautiful valley between two cold mountains. We are in a truly old-growth forest that is completely untouched. In this fantastic valley, there is a great variety of fishing. There is a large lake and several small lakes, as well as a wonderful little stream where you can sight fish for big fish. If we want, we can also take a day trip up to the mountain and fish in a crystal-clear lake. The food is cooked over an open fire on a murrikka and enjoyed around the campfire! The days begin with the guide preparing breakfast. If you want, you can fish near the camp while breakfast is being prepared. After breakfast, we pack our bags and head out on a day trip to one of the nearby small lakes. We eat lunch where we fish, and dinner is enjoyed back at the camp. In the evening after dinner, we can fish more or sit and tell stories about our experiences around a lovely campfire. The fishing methods we use are spinning or fly fishing. I will meet you at the airport and load up the car! We drive as far as we can, and when we have parked the car, we jump into a helicopter that takes us to a magnificent nature with unforgettable fishing! The helicopter ride takes about 10 minutes. Here we are beyond all mobile coverage, and the only thing that can disturb you is your friends' laughter and joy! We eat well, drink well, and just enjoy the total silence that only exists in our mountain world! In this area, there are only trout and char of good size.
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Praktisk informasjon:
5 days all-inclusive (alcoholic beverages not included). Accommodation in a large teepee for up to 9 people, without heating. Day 1 and 5 are travel days, but you can still fish on those days depending on the arrival/departure time of the plane. Days 2-4 are full days of fishing from early morning until late night/early morning. A professional guide will take care of you during these 5 days and will prepare all the meals, including freshly baked bread for breakfast. The menu that we will be eating during these 5 days consists mostly of game meat and freshly caught fish. Fishing permit Round-trip transportation from Kallax Luleå to the helicopter Round-trip helicopter transportation Fishing equipment is available to borrow Available in week 26, 31, and 32. You need to bring: Fishing clothes Sleeping bag (can also be borrowed) Sleeping pad (can also be borrowed)
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Summer fishing in the mountains (Jokkmokk/5 days/2 people)

1 - 2 personer
5 dager
48980 SEK
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