Deep-Sea Fishing: West coast camp (Ålesund/1 day/1-5 persons) - BIATON
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Visiting Ålesund and want an adventure? Join a local angler on a small trip for some deep sea fishing. We accomodate all equipment needed. Not keen on fishing? We can also do a short cruise for you to see the hidden gems Deep-sea fishing in Norway offers an exhilarating adventure for anglers seeking the thrill of the open waters and a diverse range of marine species. Embarking on the cold, pristine waters of the Norwegian coast, enthusiasts can target an array of prized catches. The North Atlantic teems with rich marine life, making it a paradise for deep-sea anglers. Anglers in Norway can anticipate hooking impressive species such as cod, haddock, halibut, and coalfish, each presenting a formidable challenge and a delicious reward. The deep fjords and offshore locations provide a unique backdrop for this angling experience, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a sense of untamed wilderness. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a novice seeking a memorable adventure, Norway's deep-sea fishing promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the North Atlantic, where the thrill of the catch is as awe-inspiring as the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.
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When you complete the booking the chat opens up and we can plan when you would like to go out. A normal trip would be around 4-5 hours at sea. Pick up = where its easiest for you. Included in the price are: Boat rental + captain Fishing guidance Equipment needed It is a group price, for up to 5 people. Arrival by plane: If you would like to fly the best/closest airport would be Vigra, Ålesund Airport. It would be possible to organize pick up at the airport, but we do suggest renting a car so you could have a look around when visiting. Send me a message about avilability
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Deep-Sea Fishing: West coast camp (Ålesund/1 day/1-5 persons)

1 - 5 personer
6200 NOK
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My name is Hans-Peter and I love hunting and fishing 💥 I have done it my whole life, and now i have the privilege to share this with you guys 😁
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Marco Lemke 09 Jun
We had an awesome fishing trip. It was a fun day and we got to see a lot of Norway’s beautiful nature. We caught a nice bit Pollock and we even got it in filet pieces to go! The guidance was so nice and helpful. We got a lot of information about Norway and his history. Perfect day. Will definitely do it again!
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