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Do you want to explore the majestic mountains in Mo i Rana? My name is Jørgen, and I can give you and your family and friends an experience you’ll never forget. I’ve been guiding for a long time and I'm more than happy to guide you in the amazing landscape that Mo i Rana has to offer. Mo i Rana er filled with beautiful mountains that has fantastic conditions for skiing. Based on your skiing experience with summits, this trip will be customized based on your level. The program will look something like this: DAY 1 You will arrive Mo i Rana, and we will meet to plan the next few days together, and of course get to know each other. DAY 2 We start early and meet, and then we arrange transport. Depending on your experience with summits, the trip can vary from 4 hours to 7 hours. Along the way, we take a break and eat and have lunch. Furthermore, we continue the hike and then drive back to the city. Later we meet and have dinner. Day 3 Starting early and meeting in the city, this day the summit will be a bit shorter but include lunsjbreak. If you have any questions about the trip, just send me a message.
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The tour does not include accommodation, so this is something you have to arrange yourself. If you need help finding a place to stay, I can help you with that. The price does not apply to food or food, so this is something that you have to arrange yourself. In the city center there are many shops, so there should be no problem getting a little shopping if needed. - Group price: 4000,- - One group can be up to 6 persons - When you book this 3 days summit guide, choose the first day you want the trip to start Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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3 Days Backcountry skiing (Mo i Rana)

Mo i Rana, Norway
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38 år gammel guide fra Mo i Rana. Har mange års erfaring som skikjører og guide. Jeg er utdannet skiinstruktør (telemark) og har flere kurs i skredsikkerhet.
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