Kolåstind (level 3/4) Sunnmørsalpene - BIATON
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Description of the trip: Summer: Very many people ski this mountain in winter, but very few summits in summer and autumn by foot. This is mainly due to the steep glacier at the foot of the mountain. If you choose to hike this mountain in summer you more or less have the whole mountain by yourself. The scenery is steep, dramatic and wild. I am a glacier guide and will guide you safely over the glacier so you can reach this magical summit in the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps. max 4-5 people. I have glacier equipment for rent for up to four people if you do not have your own. Rent is 300kr per set in addition to the guide price (helmet, harness, prusiks, crampons, ice axe, snow anchor/ice screw) Winter: This is a really beautiful and much skied mountain. Most of the skitour is in moderate terrain, but some parts are very steep and most of the trip is in complex avalanche terrain. The first part through the Kvanndalen valley is moderate skiing, but the terrain around you is steep on both sides of the valley. The normal route up is through Stretet mountain pass, which is really steep at its top part, and depending on the snow conditions many people choose to walk the last part. Once through the pass the route to the summit lies clearly before you in moderate terrain. The last push to the summit is steeper, where it is normal to scramble on foot on the final stretch. Crampons and ice axe are recommended if it is icy. Crampons for your skis are also very useful. All photos above are from my own skitours and hikes About the guide: I love skitouring in the beautiful mountains of Sunnmøre, and I wish to share my passion for these mountains with you. I know many of the most popular mountains, but also a few lesser crowded gems. Skitouring in the Sunnmøre Alps can sometimes be very complex due to weather, steepness and avalanche danger. It is important to know that during certain conditions the skitour might not be possible to do. Normally when I go skiing I choose my mountain based on the local weather and conditions of the snowpack and not the particular summit. So therefore, booking a certain summit long in advance leaves no guarantee we can do the ascent on the actual day of the skitour. If I think the skitour in question is not a safe choice at the time, I will suggest a replacement if possible. Skitouring with me is also not a race to reach the top, we take our time and will enjoy the ascent as much as the descent. Examining the snowpack on the ascent is also a must on the skitours where avalanche danger could be present. If I deem the conditions too unsafe, I will turn around. Safety comes first. If possible I will try to find a safer option nearby. I normally only guide on weekends, but weekdays might be arranged if I know about it a while in advance.
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Price: Group price 1600 NOK (groups can be up to 5 people) Level/difficulty: 3 (1-5) Estimated time for the trip: Meters above sea level: 1432 Climb (meters): 1021 Distance (km): 6,2 When booking I would like to know your skill level and experience up front to ensure the skitour in question is right for you. Looking forward to showing you the magic of the Sunnmøre Alps Training: NF Grunnkurs skred (basic avalanche course) NF Videregåendekurs skred (advanced avalanche course) NF Grunnkurs bre (basic course glacier) NF Videregåendekurs bre (advanced course glacier) Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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Kolåstind (level 3/4) Sunnmørsalpene

Ørsta, Norway
1 - 5 personer
1984 NOK
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Brita Erica
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