Store Bentsjordtinden (level 4) Tromsø - BIATON
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Description of the trip: We drive 30min from Tromsø and begin our hike up through the forrest. We gain elevation very quickly in the first 400m, and then we come out of the tree line and have a great view down the fjord. We can see the top of the mountain from here, and we hike up to the mountain pass before taking left along the ridge with some scrambling at the top. A great hike with terrific views over Tromsø and out to. Popular hike winter and summer. Guide: My name is Paal and I am a 35 year old Norwegian who grew up in and loves the mountains. I am a professional photographer and have guided many bespoke photography trips in Norway and Svalbard. My passions involve hiking, skiing and mountaneering, all of which I have done from a young age. I am outgoing, friendly and patient and can promise a fun trip and also some great photos of you while we are at it.
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Practical information: Price: Group price 2500 NOK (groups can be up to 5 people) Level/difficulty: 4 Estimated time for the trip: 4h Meters above sea level: 1168 Climb (meters): 1152 Distance (km): 9,2 Levels: 1=Beginner, 2=easy, 3=moderate, 4=experienced, 5=expert. Safety: We ask that you have personal insurance before attending this activity. If you have travel insurance, be sure to check the policy if it covers back-country skiing.
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Store Bentsjordtinden (level 4) Tromsø

Vikran, Norway
1 person
3100 NOK
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Paal Uglefisk
backcountry skiing
skiing tromsø