Biaton, the ultimate service for new and established hunters?

written by Mats Thorsvik for

Most of us have started on blank sheets like most new hunters, with new shotgun or rifle, just got their hunting test certificate and thought, what now? We Jegeravisen collaborate with Biaton, aiming to make hunting in Norway more accessible to all. Register as a hunting guide to Biaton here, and help share your knowledge about hunting.

What is Biaton?

Biaton is a marketplace for services between individuals, developed both as app and website. Makeing special services cheaper and easier obtained.

The hunting guide market somewhat underdeveloped on the supply side in Norway, compared to the rest of the world. There are basically only offers on guiding on private hunting areas, by established players with high costs. These define the market, which in turn results in high prices for the end user. This means that the group of hunters who make use of the existing offers will be somewhat curtailed.

Until Biaton launched in January 2018, there was no good platform for increasing low-threshold hunt guidance, and individuals who wanted to offer hunting guidance had to start sole proprietorship and run marketing on this self. This made the threshold high to offer just hunting guidance in an area you are well known.

With Biaton, all these problems are solved. They can offer individuals a platform where you can offer hunting guidance free of charge, and help them actively with marketing. Complete booking, payment and communication system in one. With this, Biaton extends today’s service offering with individuals offering a cheaper and more low-threshold offer on local areas.

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Who can be hunting guides?

It goes without saying that if you offer guiding in an area, you should have relatively good local knowledge of the area to offer hunting guidance. One should be familiar with some secret “good places”, so that they show the ones they have where the prey uses to stay. Perhaps someone thinks, I can not guide people anywhere either? The answer here is clearly no, with Biaton you can define a specific area you offer guiding in.

One should also know the customs of hunting, and especially in the hunt for hunting guidance. Everything from how to relate to other hunters, hikers and security, both with weapons and shooting training. A good guide should not only show the good places to hunt, but he should also be able to teach an inexperienced hunter in all aspects of hunting. Then from how to handle weapons, to what to look for in the terrain to detect animals.

Become a guide

How much can i earn?

What you can earn from using Biaton is really up to you. You decide the price for guiding yourself, decide how long you can guide the current day and decide how many days a week you want to guide. One must, of course, think that the price you set is in line with what it offers, but basically it offers the price itself. This may vary depending on experience, length of session and number of people taken.

Helps spread knowledge about hunting

Biaton not only helps increase the chances of hunting, it also helps new hunters acquire knowledge they would otherwise use years to acquire themselves. For most, the knowledge of hunting has come from the familiy growing up. But what about those who take the hunter test in adulthood and do not have this opportunity? For this group, it may be a little difficult and get into what one needs to succeed, which will result in many failed hunting trips. As mentioned, you should have good knowledge of custom and hunting, as well as know where the game is located to guide you in the best possible way. Here, fresh hunters have a golden opportunity to make the learning curve go steep up in a short period of time.

How to register? (description is in Norwegian)

If you want to register for free to start your hunting guide career through Biaton, click “registrer deg gratis“.

I think it’s great that there are such offers on the market, and we are looking forward to seeing where the road leads with this.