Sunnmøres version of AirBnb and shared economy

written by Veronica Hjelseth for

We wanted to be get better at cross-country skiing and go hunting but missed an easy way to get in touch with someone who could help us with this, “says founder Hans-Peter Sperre. Then they started looking at shared economy models..

That became the start of Biaton …

That became the start of Biaton, an app and website that serves as a merchant for services and freelancers. The goal is to create a marketplace that allow small companies or single persons to have the opportunity to market on equal terms as major enterprises.

– The platform is fitted for many different kinds of markets. We look at health and well-being, small jobs, hiking and hunting guides as well as lesson help as the biggest and most important. Now the youth can offer small jobs in their neighborhood and thus earn an income, explains Sperre and adds that the app takes care of payment, payment and attachments as needed.

Newly relocated to Oslo

Sperre grunnla Biaton sammen med kompisen, Harald Greiff, etter selv å ha opplevd et behov for konseptet.

– Vi trengte teknikkhjelp til ski og ønsket å dra på jakt som nyflyttet til Oslo, men var frustrert over at det var dyrt å delta på aktiviteter og at man måtte melde seg på langt fram i tid. Vi tenkte at det må vel finnes mange mennesker rundt omkring som kunne ha lært oss dette, og ikke bare store, profesjonelle firma, sier Sperre.

Slik begynte ballen å rulle, og kompisene kom opp med en idé inspirert av AirBnb. I dag står de klar med et fullverdig konsept, som er klart til lansering i januar, etter en vellykket testperiode i høst.

Sperre established Biaton with his friend, Harald Greiff, after experiencing a need for the concept.

“We needed technical training for skiing and wanted to go hunting in the areas around Oslo, but was frustrated by the fact that it was expensive to participate in activities and seek help. We thought there surely are a lot of people around who could have taught us this” says Sperre.

One thing led to another, and the friends came up with an idea inspired by AirBnb. Today they are ready with a full-fledged concept, ready for launch in January, after a successful test period this fall.

Makeing services cheaper and more accessible

Biaton is expanding today’s service market by allowing both professional actors and individuals to offer services in different price ranges in the same arena.

This makes it easier for both the consumer and the providers, ranging from dog walkers and veteran car rentals, guided hiking tours, training instructors and freelance writing.

– A map feature helps you find out what services are offered in the area you are in. By offering short traveled services, it is both cheaper and you have the ability to support locals.