Top hunting videos (daily/weekly updates)

An collection of epic hunting videos that we have seen on youtube. This blog post will be updated daily or at least weekly with new solid content.


Capercaillie and black grouse hunting

Thomas Dahl makes some fantastic small game hunting videos worth while watching.

           Place: Norway

           Channel: Thomas Dahl

Yukon Giants: Northern Alaska Moose

Meateater is perhaps the worlds most known hunting channel. In these two episodes they are in the northern parts of Alaska hunting giant moose! Two thrilling episodes worthwhile watching. Enjoy!

           Place: USA, Alaska

           Channel: Meateater


Red deer hunting – climbed a tree to shoot

An amazing video from JE wilds that find themself in a remote valley hunting red deer. I am pritty sure you have never seen anything like this before!

          Place: New Zealand

          Channel: Je Wilds

Tour de Hunt – Norway 2020

A four episode hunting series from Biaton Adventures (2020). Hunting red deer, capercaillie, grouse, black grouse and pigeons.

Place: Norway

Pigeon hunting

We usually starts off the hunting season with some amazing pigeons hunting.

Red deer hunting

With breathtaking surroundings we take on red deer hunting in the steep mountains at the West-Coast of Norway


Biaton Top moments (15 + videos)

A full series of short action packed videos with weekly releases. Just sit back and enjoy the playlist