Fishing in Norway


Fishing in norway

With our elongated coastline, thousands of rivers, lakes and ponds, Norway is perfect for the fishing enthusiast. Strong currents and nutritious water make the fish generally of high quality, which makes the experience around the dinner table a pure pleasure. Where the fish are swimming and what makes it bite there are many opinions and experiences about. At Biaton you will find local, experienced fishing guides who have learned their experience from this many hours in the water, and will gladly take you on wonderful fishing experiences and will gladly share their experiences if you ask..

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About our guides

Local, experienced and pleasant fishermen are key words that describe our guides. Every fishing offer you find on Biaton is facilitated by a guide who has fished very much in the area they take you with, so they know a lot about where the fish are at different times, weather effects and the best choice of bait. With such a starting point, there are better chances than ever to return home with both catch and good stories. They specialize in one type of fishing, in a specific area, that allows you to easily see and read about what to expect and what your experience will be like.

Multiple first class experiences waiting for you