Exclusive hunting adventures in Norway

Norway is really one of the most wonderful places in the world for hunters. Wild and untouched nature with an incredible wildlife. Biaton is Norway’s largest hunting outfitter. We cover all different types of hunting, and tailor guided hunting adventures in private terrains you can’t find anywhere else.

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About us – the hunting outfitters

All our hunting adventures are facilitated by local, experienced hunting outfitter who will be by your side through the entire trip. Each and one of us are local for the terrain and have been hunting and guiding there for many years. our local knowledge and experience in the hunting form is key to succeed when hunting in Norway. For us, it`s important that every customer gets the true Norwegian hunting experience, and this is definitely the way to go.

One of our popular hunting outfitters is Laje (picture below). He guides in one of our best terrains in south of Norway – Telemark. The terrain both includes high mountains hosting reindeer as well as bewitching forests with a good tribe of big capercaillies. Laje is simply a great guy, experienced hunter, just as the rest of us!


About our terrains

In Norway, a lot of hunting terrains are open for the public, meaning there are more hunters there, and more game being shot.  This is not the terrains you will be hunting on, as we have private terrains, where we control who are hunting at all time. This gives us control about the tribe, as we can make sure predators are at a minimum, and the tribe are big. Here, from one of our terrains where a lot of moose enjoys beautiful days like these…


What to expect when hunting with us

You can expect some of the best hunting terrains in Norway, outfitters that are skilled in the specific hunting form you are attending, and local knowledge about the terrain. Accommodation differs from what and where, but cabins in the terrain, or houses close to it are most common. Depending on what you want in terms of food and preparation, we will facilitate as much as we can in terms of your wishes. In terms of hunting, you can expect to hunt the Norwegian way… meaning, you will have to walk the distance, carry your own rifle, and together with us, hopefully outwit the animal on their turf. We guarantee, the feeling of success when you put in the work required, are worth it…




The different hunting forms we provide


Norway is the only place in the world where you can hunt wild reindeers, and truly, its an experience like no other for big game enthusiast. In the mountain range south in Norway – Telemark, we can guide you on a tough hunting adventure like no other. Hunting reindeer requires that you both have the endurance to walk in the mountains, and the shooting skills to take a clean shot on distances up to 150-200 meters. Sometimes we can get much closer, but one should always be prepared, if the only chance we get, is on a greater distance. You will stay in either a cabin on the mountain or a guest house down in the civilisation. Each day will normally consist of sneaking through the waste mountain range, frequently using binoculars to scout for reindeer. When we have spotted a tribe, sneaking in for the shoot is a crucial step, and good mountain camouflage that blends in with the surroundings is commonly used. We never shot if there is a risk that any other animals in the tribe can get hit, so often we will have to wait until our animal have moved a step away from any other reindeers. Spectacular mountains, exiting hunt, and a experience like no other…hope you will join us. 





Moose hunting in Norway is among the world’s best. The hunting traditions are old and well-practised. Some of us have been participating in moose hunting since we were kids, and today, these guys know all there is to know about moose hunting. We have a couple of great hunting terrains, not more than a couple of hours drive from Oslo. With premium hunting dogs, you can experience the most exiting form of moose hunting, which is sneak hunting with dogs. The dogs track down the moose and will start barking as soon as they find the moose. When you can hear the dogs barking, the challenge begins, sneaking your way through the woods without the moose discovers you, making your way to a clear shot. the outfitter by your side have sneaked his way on many moose’s, and will lead the way, making sure you have the best chance of success. You can also participate in a more traditional hunting form, with hunting towers and post strategically placed in the forest, with dogs and drivers pushing the moose your way. In this hunting form you will be a part of a bigger hunting team, which is a great experience, working together to succeed.



Red Deer

The Red Deer you find in the Norwegian mountains are magnificent, and if you are lucky you can hear the buck roar, which definitely will give you Goosebumps and make your adrenalin going. Hunting red deer is a challenge, as the mountains are steep and difficult to orient in. But with a local guide, you will be in good hands, making sure you are hunting both safe and in areas with the best possibilities. We are proud to offer some of the best red deer hunting in Norway, both tough mountain terrains, as well as forest terrains making it possible to sit on hunting post, waiting and calling for the Red Deer. Hunting red deer can give you a range of hunting experiences, as you both can be sneaking, calling and posting around in the terrain. This is more than just a great hunting experience, it’s a great wildlife experience as well.




Roe deer

Roe deer is a big game form that is perfect for those who want to go on their first big game hunting trip. We have many great hunting terrains, where your chances are good. Both sneaking in the mountains and posting by the fields are known tactics, depending on the terrain. From the 10. august we start hunting bucks, usually by sneaking and calling on them, which can be a experience by itself, seeing these beautiful creatures coming running towards you when the calling flute works as it should.



Capercaillie is the king of small game, and every small game hunter dream about taking one down in the season. But don’t think it’s easy, many hunters have both heard, seen and fired against a capercaillie, without any trophy to brag about. The capercaillie is sneaky, and many hunters have experienced how it flies between the trees, making it difficult to get a clear shot. But when you first succeed, it a experience unlike no other, a beautiful bird and always a great story. We have multiple great terrains for hunting capercaillie, both in the south and middle of Norway. When hunting capercaillie, we always combine with the other small game bird-family. We dear to say, we have some of the best capercaillie terrains in Norway, private terrains in great nature, where you can live in cabins in the heart of the terrain. We have well trained dogs, who are a great help in finding and getting a possibility on the capercaillie.



Grouse hunting has long traditions in Norway. Walking around on the magnificent mountains while the dogs are tracking down the grouse, is a great combination of calming down and enjoying the nature, with a sudden rush when the dogs mark a finding.


How can you experience these magnificent hunting trips?

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