Exclusive hunting adventures in Norway

Norway is one of the most wonderful places in the world for hunters. Wild and untouched nature with an incredible wildlife. Biaton is Norway’s largest site for hunting outfitter/hunting guides. We cover all different types of hunting, and we can offer guided hunting in private terrain you can’t find anywhere else, as well as public hunting terrains more accessible for all hunters. So, whether you want the forest for yourself with a local guide, or hunt in open terrains, we can help you. Feel free to contact us and we can help you arrange some of your best hunting experiences!






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About the hunting outfitters on Biaton

All hunting experiences you find on Biaton includes a local, experienced hunting outfitter who guides you, making sure you are using your time in the forest in the sweet spots. All our hunting outfitters are local for the terrain and have been hunting and guiding there for many years.

So, with a hunting outfitter from Biaton, we can assure you are getting the absolute most out of your hunting trip. No matter how skilled you are, our outfitters will adapt the hunting trip accordingly.

A small selection of the hunting trips you can find on Biaton…

Big game

Moose hunting in Norway is among the world’s best. The hunting traditions are old and well-practised. Our hunting guides have been participating in moose hunting since they were kids, and today, they know all there is to know about moose hunting. We have many hunting terrains right outside Oslo and our guides will happily bring you along. With premium hunting dogs, you can experience the most exiting form of moose hunting, which is sneak hunting with dogs. The dogs track down the moose and will start barking as soon as they find the moose. When you can hear the dogs barking, the challenge begins, sneaking your way through the woods without the moose discovers you, making your way to a clear shot. Our guides has sneaked their way on many moose’s, and will lead the way, making sure you succeed.



The Red Deer you find in the Norwegian mountains are magnificent, hearing them roar will definitely give you Goosebumps and make your adrenalin going. Hunting red deer is a challenge, as the mountains are steep and difficult to orient in. But with a local guide, you will be in good hands, making sure you are hunting both safe and in areas with the best possibilities. We are proud to offer some of the best red deer hunting in Norway. We can take you into the magnificent mountains in Sognefjorden, right by the beautiful Jotunheimen. Here you will hunt in the mountains, sneaking, calling and posting around in the terrain. This is more than just a great hunting experience, it’s a great wildlife experience as well. If you are interested in going further North of Norway, we can offer red deer hunting on the island Hitra, which houses one of the best red deer tribes in Norway.




Roe deer is a big game form that is perfect for those who want to go on their first big game hunting trip. We have many great hunting trips, where your chances are good. Both sneaking in the mountains and posting by the fields are known tactics, depending on the terrain. Some of our guides have private terrains, making sure there always is a large tribe in the area.




Small game

Capercaillie is the king of small game, and every small game hunter dream about taking one down in the season. But don’t think it’s easy, many hunters have both heard, seen and fired against a capercaillie, without any trophy to brag about. The capercaillie is sneaky, and many hunters have experienced how it flies between the trees, making it difficult to get a clear shot. But when you first succeed, it a experience unlike no other, a beautiful bird and always a great story. On Biaton we have many great hunting trips where you can’t hunt capercaillie, mostly in combination with the other small game bird-family. We dear to say, we have some of the best capercaillie terrains in Norway on our platform, private terrains in great nature, where you can live in cabins in the heart of the terrain. Our guides have well trained dogs, who are a great help in finding and getting a possibility on the capercaillie.




Grouse hunting has long traditions in Norway. Walking around on the magnificent mountains while the dogs are tracking down the grouse, is a great combination of calming down and enjoying the nature, with a sudden rush when the dogs mark a finding.




How can you experience these magnificent hunting trips?


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As we say in Norway; “Skitt jakt” (good luck on your hunt)